Recommended Equipment

Here are several links to what I refer to in the book for easy access:

Sound Foam
Foam Factory Inc ( – ($30 – $100) Various foam panel options. Sample: 1-1/2” Egg-crate Foam 48″x72″ – 2-Pack ($63) – These are great to cover walls to reduce reflection. Buy from the factory, not retail.

Sound Blankets
Vocal Booth To Go Sound Blankets with grommets – VB71G ($35) – 72”x80” – These blankets are designed and engineered for sound absorption.

Medium Shotgun Mic (Mid) – Audio Technica BP4073 ($700) – Recorded vocals for WA.
Vocal Condenser Mic (Top) Neumann u87 ($3,600) – Recorded vocals for Bronzeville.

Vocal Condenser Mic (Mid) Neumann TLM 103 ($1,000)
Vocal Condenser Mic (Low) Audio-Technica AT4033 ($400) – Recorded many commercials and audiobooks with this model.
Vocal Dynamic Mic (Mid) Shure SM7B ($400) – Classic recording mic.
Vocal Dynamic Mic (Low) Shure SM58 ($99) – Durable, sensitive, great lows, and omnidirectional. Use these all the time with podcasts, live shows, etc…

Binaural Head Recorder (High) Neumann KU 100 Dummy Head Microphone ($8000) – These are the best of the best in Binaural recording, is used on Darkest Night Podcast series.

Portable Audio Recorders
Zoom H4N Handy Recorder* ($199) – 2 XLR Mic Pre-Amps and 2 Built-in Mics – The internal mics on this model aren’t great.
Zoom H6 Handy Recorder* ($349) – 4 XLR Mic Pre-Amps and Swappable mic modules.
*BE WARNED: ALL portable audio recorders are brutal on batteries. Be sure to have a plug-in adapter handy just in case.

Mic Stand
Hercules Single-Pole Stand (Mid) MS201B for Vocals ($59) – Perfect for space, easy to collapse.
Hercules Tripod Stand (Mid) MS533B for Foley ($69) – This model is more appropriate for Foley, as there are many adjustments and angles needed to capture certain sounds.

Music Stand
Ultimate Support Music Stand JS-MS200 (Mid) – Holds three pages, collapsable and has holes through the metal to reduce reflection.
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones ($99) – Great studio monitors, and the design hasn’t changed in years.

JBL LSR305 5” studio monitors ($150 each, $300 pair)
KRK Rocket 5 studio monitors ($150 each, $300 pair)
JBL LSR308 8” studio monitors ($250 each, $500 pair)

Audio IO
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB (Low) – ($150) – 2 Pre-amp Mic Inputs and 2 Outputs – Great for a small, getting started home studio.
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB (Mid) – ($500) – 8 Pre-amp Mic Inputs for a total of 18 Inputs / 20 Outputs – Perfect for a multi-cast recording room.
Apple iMac 21.5” or larger, made after 2015 if you’re buying new. Pre-owned can likely go back to 2013.
Apple MacBook Pro 2015+ – Screen space is limited for audio editing, and would recommend installing a second monitor.
Avid Pro Tools 12 – ($600 – Perpetual License, $235 – Annual License)
Avid Pro Tools 12 Educational – ($299 – Perpetual License, $99 – Annual License)
Reaper ($60 Discounted License, $225 Full Commercial License)
Audicity (Free)
Pro Tools Plugins
IZotope RX Elements ($129) Standard ($399) Advanced ($1,200)
Audio Ease Speakerphone 2 ($495)
Audio Ease Altiverb 7 ($595)
Audio Ease Indoor ($795)
Avid Spaces ($500 or FREE with PT subscription)
SoundMiner ($199)
Sound Effects Libraries
Sound-Ideas (Variable $) – Various sound effect packs
Series 1000 (3k sound effects) – ($295 or $.10 per SFX)
Additional Software
Google Drive cloud storage (100 GB $2/mo, 1 TB $10/mo, 10 TB $100/mo)
Scrivener (Reg $40-45, EDU $38)
Final Draft (Reg $250, EDU $130)

Data Storage
G-Raid Drive – 4 TB GTGDT4 ($170) – Thunderbolt and USB 3.0